The Internet Searched “Arya Stark’s Age” During the Latest ‘Game of Thrones’ for SOME Reason

It’s the very last season of Game of Thrones, and being that this night noticed an episode before a big conflict, we acquired a gaggle of revelations, reunions, and a few shocking intimate moments. One of these came among Arya Stark and Gendry, two characters which have had a main bond ever seeing that they met inside the second season of the HBO TV series.

But the scene, the problem of many a fan-fiction tales on Tumblr, became additionally a computer virus surprise for longtime lovers of the show due to Arya actress Maisie Williams (22), who became just 11 years vintage while the series started out. A decade later, although, she participated in her first intercourse scene on Game of Thrones when Arya and Gendry made love.

Google Trends shows how interest in Williams birthdate skyrocketed after the scene. This shouldn’t be a surprise, due to the fact that is the Internet and it’s a very demanding region. It’s also an apparently herbal reaction, as many enthusiasts have visible Williams develop up earlier than their eyes in this show. And even as violently and callously murdering human beings on a revenge list is one factor, an adult having sex is absolutely different while you take into account said person as a baby.


Williams herself addressed the scene all through an interview with Entertainment Weekly. She stated she turned into secure filming it and supported it being blanketed due to how it humanized Arya, the young killing machine, in a second before all hell breaks unfastened.

“It became genuinely thrilling as it’s a totally human courting for Arya,” Williams stated. “This is something she’s stayed far away from, an emotion we’ve by no means actually seen her engage with. [Showrunners D.B. Weiss and David Benioff] were like, ‘It’s the give up of the sector, what else might you have got her to do?’ This can be a second in which Arya accepts the loss of life the next day, which she in no way does — ‘Not Today.’ So it became that second where she says, ‘We’re likely going to die the day after today, I need to realize what this appears like earlier than that takes place.’ It’s exciting to look Arya be a piece more human, talk greater usually approximately things human beings are frightened of.”

Ashley Stephens

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