Sink vs. Sink: South Carolina Lawyer Sues Son for Starting Law Firm With Their Shared Name

Like father, like son, because the announcing goes. Unless the son is too much just like the father, and each are attorneys, in which case the father may sue the son for trademark infringement.

That’s the case with a pair of South Carolina attorneys. The father-son mixture, each named George Sink, used to paintings together. But when George Sink Jr. Left the firm in February, he released his personal practice with a comparable name. The pass constitutes trademark infringement, unfair opposition, cybersquatting, unfair exchange practice, and dilution, the elder Sink alleges in a brand new lawsuit.

Until February 2019, each guys worked at George Sink, P.A. Injury Lawyers, a big South Carolina firm with a catchy advertising and marketing jingle, according to Charleston’s Post and Courier. A attorney like his father, Sink Jr. Started out dealing with customer cases in March 2018 until his termination in February 2019, according to the lawsuit.

“George Sink PA Injury Lawyers® has been forced to convey in shape to defend purchasers of criminal offerings,” the elder Sink’s attorneys informed The Daily Beast in a declaration. “The marks exist to defend clients from the confusion and misdirection resulting from infringement. The lawsuit is intended to serve those patron interests.”



The fit does now not state why Sink Jr. Lost his activity.

But days after the termination, the son released an LLC. And lately, the elder Sink discovered his son changed into using “the designation GEORGE SINK II in connection with the sale, offering for sale, distribution, and/or advertising of prison services within the equal geographical areas as Plaintiff—specifically, South Carolina and Georgia,” the lawsuit alleges.

George Sink Jr. Might be the son’s criminal name—but it’s weird for him to apply it, his father alleges.

“To the volume ‘George T. Sink, Jr.’ is Ted Sink’s legal name, on records and belief, Ted Sink has in the course of his lifestyles preferred the usage of his center name and long past by using ‘Ted’ or ‘Teddy,’” the match alleges. It includes photographs of social media have been the son is going via “Ted.”

“The aim is not to keep ‘Ted’ Sink from working towards law,” his father’s legal professionals stated in their statement. “He’s been a attorney for 2 and one-1/2 years, and we desire him nicely along with his new law company. However, while consumers search for George Sink PA Injury Lawyers®, they need to be assured they’ll locate the company they are trying to find.”

But Sink Jr. Has each right to call himself with the aid of his felony call, his legal professionals say.

“This is the name that appears on his delivery certificate, motive force’s license, Yale undergraduate diploma and on his law degree, as well as on his licenses to exercise regulation in South Carolina and Georgia,” they informed The Daily Beast in a assertion.

“It turned into George Sink, Sr. Who first added George Sink, Jr. To the criminal network as George Sink. Whether trademark regulation allows a father to take back his son’s name or restriction his right to exercise law is an issue we might ahead to litigating thru the Courts.”

Furthermore, the elder Sink has cited his son as “George” in vintage classified ads. One tv commercial, uploaded to YouTube closing yr indicates the daddy and son status aspect with the aid of side.

“I’m attorney George Sink,” the elder says, and that is my son.

“Attorney George Sink,” the more youthful introduces himself.

The ad spells their names as “George Sink” and “George Sink Jr.”

Ashley Stephens

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