Priyanka’s Oscar’s after-celebration beauty appearance decoded

Zendaya empowered via natural splendour

The ‘Greatest Showman’ big name’s mom by no means wore any makeup while Zendaya turned into growing up and the actress feels it made her respect her beauty.

Speaking to Vanity Fair, she stated: “My beauty icons are the ladies in my lifestyles. [When I was growing up] my mother did not put on makeup; I do not suppose she knew that, to me, it was empowering that she did not care. But I was exceptional into it so that I would visit my grandma’s residence, and she would have all the proper make-up. I got to peer how women are capable of navigating inside the area of beauty and [see that] it is self-described: it’s miles similarly lovely. However, you select to do it.”


Meanwhile, Zendaya previously admitted she has observed “a whole lot of confidence” via fashion and says dressing up for purple carpet activities and admits it has boosted her shallowness.

She defined: “I assume for me, I without a doubt have been fortunate to locate, thru style, a lot of self-assurance. For me, dressing up and trying new things is a shape of exploring my self-belief, exploring what I like, exploring what I revel in.

“When I cross on carpets, for a few humans, some people hate this component. This is my favourite component. I can simply go to a crimson carpet and just pass home because it’s like my preferred part is the red carpets. That’s on occasion contrary to people, but I experience it. It’s fun for me. I get to be those special characters. It’s like an adjust ego.”

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