Officials: There is threat in assembly strangers for sales. Here are some safety steps.


John Ward knows doubtlessly risky business deals are a part of selling gadgets on the internet.

When dealers exchange gadgets for coins, and that they’re handling strangers, there’s an opportunity of “something going incorrect,” said Ward, 58, a Franklin Twp. An Evangelist who supplements his income by way of “flipping furniture.”

So he’s taking precautions to lessen the threat.

“There is a huge line between convenience and protection,” he stated. “It’s easily decided and must no longer be crossed. But every so often convenience trumps commonplace sense, and that’s now not a very good element.”
offers are a part of selling gadgets on the internet.


When sellers exchange items for coins, and that they’re handling strangers, there’s a possibility of “something going incorrect,” said Ward, fifty-eight, a Franklin Twp. An Evangelist who dietary supplements his earnings by “flipping furnishings.”

So he takes precautions to reduce the risk.

“There is a large line among comfort and safety,” he stated. “It’s easily determined and has to not be crossed. But now and again convenience trumps common sense, and that’s now not an excellent issue.”

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At least vicinity law enforcement agencies — the Butler County Sheriff’s Office and Franklin Police Department — have opened “safe zones” distinct for enterprise transactions for the ones shopping for and promoting items from online sites including Craigslist, OfferUp, eBay, letgo.Com and Facebook.

Complete with protection cameras, those “secure zones” are designed to shield clients after they use the net to shop for from or promote to strangers.
People who’re going to tear you off don’t need to come to wherein the police officers are,” Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones stated. “It doesn’t get safer than meeting inside the front lobby of a police department.”
He said exchanging money in which the transactions can be monitored by using surveillance cameras is “the proper issue to do.”

Exchanges can take vicinity seven days per week among eight a.M. And 8 p.M. Within the Butler County Jail foyer. The sheriff has particularly marked parking spaces within the front lot with signs for exchanges for those now not looking to use the foyer.

In 2017, Franklin police started out presenting a secure location for human beings to make internet income transactions. Police Chief Russ Whitman stated the signs are up on Anderson Street between the police station and the Franklin Public Library and wherein people can entire their Internet purchases.

He approached library officials in early 2017, and its board accepted the suggestion to use library safety cameras on the Anderson Street side of the building for the challenge. Whitman said the police department has up to date its cameras.

Whitman has said the protection region may also be used for child custody exchanges among parents.

If something about the other individual or the object doesn’t seem proper, police officers urge people to trust their instincts and again far from the seller or consumer. When making a transaction at a police department, Ward said it offers him “a sense of security” and it’s “the most secure manner to head.”

Ward buys and sells used furnishings, and as a manner to growth income, he offers a delivery carrier. He said 50 percent of his income encompasses shipping. When creating transport, he usually goes throughout the day, never carries coins and tells his spouse his destination and envisioned a time of arrival.

Susan Monnin, the network outreach coordinator for the Butler County prosecutors workplace, every so often buys and sells scrapbooking substances at the internet. She usually meets throughout the day, in a properly-lit public car parking zone, and tells a person where she’s going.

She in no way meets at her domestic.

“You ought to be careful,” she stated.

At least one phone app has taken steps to increase safety. OfferUp has comparable functions to Craigslist but works to make the transactions as secure as possible.

The app capabilities an application known as TruYou, which offers users tested “badges” in the event that they add an image of themselves and a shape of identity. When two users conform to make a transaction via this app, it brings up a listing of safe spaces among their locations.

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