Meet the couple who honeymooned for a year by using touring to 33 international locations!

This isn’t an inspirational piece for ‘commonplace’ human beings. It’s very regular for two human beings in love getting married and going on a honeymoon trip later. But for a ‘vacationer’ couple who likes to be on wheels and is making plans to head on a ‘just married’ experience, this piece may hit the right chord and provide you with some thoughts.

Meet Nick and Zoe Aust; the ‘international might name them crazy’ couple who stored for two years earlier than getting married, ditched their jobs after getting married, and went on for a honeymoon that lasted for nearly a YEAR! Yes, that’s true. The travelers decided to walk down the aisle best after promising each different to the journey the world together, and voila, they certainly saved their promise!
After getting married on thirty-first December 2017 in New Jersey, the couple packed their wedding ceremony attire and went out on there for all time honeymoon ride! Yes, they swam in the Indian Ocean at Seychelles (which become additionally their remaining and thirty third destination of the trip) in their wedding ceremony attires, stayed in Maldives for days, explored the lanes of Turkey, posed in front of the Taj Mahal in India, took a helicopter to Mt. Everest, picnicked at Central Park in NYC, and roamed in Japan for days.

Their honeymoon, which lasted for nearly a 12 months got here to a lead to October 2018, and their social media profile (Instagram) is brimming with a few breathtakingly stunning pictures on the way to encourage you to journey and make it an EPIC honeymoon! Take a look.

Ashley Stephens

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