How Love Wellness Is Flipping The Script On Feminine Health Care And Adding CBD To The Mix

When Lauren (Lo) Bosworth became visiting her OB/GYN on an everyday foundation, she committed to getting critical approximately a natural self-care habitual to promote her fitness. This led Bosworth to recognize an opening inside the market — low-priced, herbal merchandise and opportunity comfort techniques for vaginal and intestine health — and she launched her feminine fitness care brand, Love Wellness, in October 2016, as a result.

This beyond April, the inclusive female private care emblem delivered CBD-infused merchandise to its lineup, with its Timeout Collection (featuring bathtub salts, a supplement, and oil tincture). And thinking about the current increase in CBD-associated well-being merchandise (with the income of CBD, also known as cannabidiol, anticipated to hit $22 billion via 2022, according to analysts at Brightfield Group), Bosworth’s choice to make a bigger right into a CBD class to help reduce stress is sincerely a sound one.

Let’s take a timeout here first and throw it lower back to 2004, whilst Bosworth first regarded as a forged member of the MTV reality show, Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County, followed by The Hills in 2006. The California local first flexed her entrepreneurial muscle with the way of life weblog, The Lo-Down, wherein she honed her copywriting and content skills. This month, whilst news of a The Hills reboot is making headlines, Bosworth is making an impact and developing her personal narrative with Love Wellness.


I spoke to Bosworth approximately how she’s flipping the script on female private care products.

Karin Eldor: There has been a big inflow of new CBD-related merchandise inside the beyond two years. How did you place the Love Wellness twist on yours?

Lo (Lauren) Bosworth: We tackle stigmatized private care and well-being problems head-on by using presenting ladies with issue-precise answers which are present day, natural and woman-first, from the messaging to the packaging. We exchange the enjoy of buying and the use of private care products from one that would experience embarrassing and shameful, to one which feels empowering and frame effectively. So, in relation to CBD, we are dealing with a class that is still widely misunderstood, just like private care. We’re differentiated in advertising by way of being very clean approximately our unique use case for CBD, which is for managing pressure. Giving our series the “Timeout” call is an incredible indicator of what we are using CBD for, and we are imparting girls with the highest excellent CBD available from a purity point of view, further to being natural and GMO-free. For all people who feel uneasy about CBD, we take a “wholesome, not excessive” technique and are very clean that our merchandise is non-psychoactive.

Eldor: Speaking of the Love Wellness touch, your branding — from the packaging to the copy — is a key a part of Love Wellness. Why is this info so essential to your brand, from the monochromatic bottles and pastel tones to the font usage? I especially love the truthful, friendly technique to copywriting on the products, which includes the titles and taglines, which I recognize you have got a hand in developing as properly!

Bosworth: We’re part of a cultural shift in how women suppose and sense approximately their our bodies, and the goods they use due to that empowerment. I knew in my gut that our branding might be critical in assisting this shift and that Love Wellness would want to look and feel distinct than each personal care product, over the counter, and vitamin in the market so that it will do so. The fact is that innovation is a desire, and one which calls for some distance extra attempt and innovative power than maximum agencies find time for or apprehend.

When it involves our packaging, ladies sense inspired to take snapshots of their alternatives and display them proudly on Instagram. That’s a modern leap forward for a category with packaging so uninspired and embarrassing, that a woman would possibly go to first-rate lengths to hide it in her lavatory — similarly instilling within women the disgrace and stigma of merchandise of this nature.

Eldor: Love Wellness is flipping the script on the usual pharmacy pills. What are a few ways in that you’re doing this?

Bosworth: Most of what is available in the drugstore for women have been on the cabinets for years with very little regard given to customers’ growing demand for natural products, safety and best of elements. We supply girls what they want, beginning with our OTC suppository, The Killer, that relieves girls of yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis, and is all-herbal.

Eldor: You now are carried in Free People, all Urban Outfitters online and in-shop, and Ulta Beauty could be picking up and sporting Love Wellness in 950 stores and online starting in July. Congratulations! What advice would you’ve got for an entrepreneur trying to scale their enterprise?

Bosworth: When it comes to retail, start slow and be sincere approximately what you could manage along with your retail partners. If you overpromise and underdeliver, you may not be in that store for lengthy. It’s well worth it in the long run to handle those relationships with care and to scale in a manner it truly is practicable for every person.

Eldor: What three “ingredients” do you sense every woman founder should have?

Bosworth: Rely on your instincts, select good judgment over emotions, and expand the muscle that informs how quickly you make decisions. Some have to be snap judgments and others require time and patience.

Eldor: I understand you’ve had an exceptional 12 months, in terms of growth. Can you percentage a few highlights?

Bosworth: We noticed three hundred% boom from 2017 to 2018. In 2019, our revenue up to now has handed our general sales numbers in 2018.

Eldor: Product reviews play a vital role in your sort of commercial enterprise. How do you leverage product critiques and use them for your everyday choices?

Bosworth: We’re very proud of our client evaluation software and feature over 2500 client critiques, with ninety% of them representing five-celebrity opinions. This purchaser feedback is an immediate mirrored image of ways properly we’re doing our jobs at Love Wellness, from the efficacy of products to consumer revel in. We do make decisions based on what we hear, and some of our upcoming product launches have been advanced mainly due to customer calls for.

Eldor: I know you’ve got massive plans arising for Love Wellness. Anything you may proportion that’s launching in 2019?

Bosworth: This 12 months we’re going to retain to innovate in girls’ private care, and are targeted on launches for urinary tract health, sexual health and digestion.

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