Friendly Dates pulled from Windows 10 May 2019 Update

Microsoft launched a new build for the following but one release of Windows 10, Windows 20H1. The new release brings the preview release to build 18890 and while it truly should not affect Windows 10 version 1903, it does in this example.

Microsoft revealed that Friendly Dates may not make it into the May 2019 Update for Windows 10. The function might be removed from Insider builds and everybody the use of an Insider construct must see it depart quickly.

Friendly Dates, also referred to as dates in conversational layout, changed into delivered to preview builds of Windows 10 model 1903 in December 2018.

File Explorer, Windows Explorer in Windows 10, displays the date and time of a file by way of default whilst you open any directory in the file manager.

The layout is DD/MM/YYYY HH: MM; it applies to all date columns inclusive of date modified or date created.

Note: You can upload and put off headers from File Explorer to show additional date columns or put off current ones.

Friendly Dates modified a date like 02/12/2018 09:30 to December 2, 2018, or even simply “the previous day at 09:30, or “simply now”.


Friendly dates have been designed to improve the clarity of time-primarily based records in File Explorer; this appears to have backfired as Microsoft pulled the function.

One of the problem that users skilled with friendly dates was that the new formats were unique. Instead of sticking to a single layout, Date Time, friendly dates could use specific time codecs such as “4 hours in the past”, the previous day at 09:04″, November 29, or November 29, 2018. Sorting worked as predicted though.

Microsoft did now not screen why it decided to pull pleasant dates from Windows 10 model 1903. It is also doubtful if the function will come back at a later factor in time.

I assume it’s miles not going that that is going to occur thinking about that the agency eliminated the feature from Windows 10 model 2003 Insider Builds as nicely. If it wanted to delay a release, it is able to have kept the function in the preview builds and just dispose of it from the upcoming May 2019 Update.

Friendly Dates is the second characteristic that Microsoft won’t release any time quickly. Sets, a feature to combine multiple software home windows in a unmarried container might not be launched in Windows 10 version 1903 either.

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Ashley Stephens

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