Children’s counselor warns about the dangers of unrestricted net

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) – There is online content material that might challenge youngsters to participate in dangerous and lifestyles-threatening activities by way of giving them recommendations on subjects like self-harm and suicide.

Some of the frightening content material is seemingly even showing up within kid’s YouTube movies. It’s no wonder a few dads and mom like Jarrod Statum, father of a new child and a 4-12 months-vintage, are concerned.

“Yeah, we’re honestly more careful of what we permit the four-yr-old watch online due to the fact we’ve been hearing tales of human beings available targeting youngsters,” Statum stated.

Scott Riviere is a child counselor and says with unrestricted get entry to the net, the opportunities of what your kids can see are countless.

“The reality is, once your kid has been exposed to something, you may unsee it or you can’t unlearn it,” Riviere stated. “When I communicate to parents, I usually say, ‘your youngster doesn’t should be seeking out awful stuff, bad stuff is looking for your kid.’”

Riviere says protection against it is easy.

“As a determine, the first-class protection you’ve got is access,” Riviere stated.

He shows dad and mom set barriers with their era, like display screen closing dates, checking to seek history, not permitting devices at night time, and keeping a parent within the room while that display is on, which is exactly what Statum is doing.

“We pretty tons simply sit there proper subsequent to her and monitor something she’s looking,” Statum stated.

Riviere says most significantly, continually make certain your youngsters are able to speak to you approximately these items.

“You really need to send the message on your kid that these are subjects that I’m inclined to talk with you approximately,” Riviere stated. “Because they’re speakme with someone. So, preferably, you want it to be anyone
who has credibility in the eyes of the child.”

Ashley Stephens

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