A Chromebook’s Superb Security Is Another Good Reason To Leave Windows 10’s Update Failures Behind

My latest article approximately how Microsoft’s dismal records of liberating dangerous Windows 10 updates gives people a proper purpose to exchange to a exclusive operating device produced extra mail from readers than whatever I’ve written for Forbes in the closing 3 years. Almost all that mail was from long-time Windows users who had been bored to death, seeking out an opportunity and asking about Chromebooks and Chrome OS.

Chrome OS updates automatically in the heritage without inconveniencing the consumer. Google rolls out safety updates as quickly as they’re ready and applies them silently whilst a Chromebook boots up. Compare this with Windows which interrupts work and forces an update either right now or within the near future. Windows 10 updates are disturbing, disruptive and have a regular history of breaking programs or making computer systems unusable.

Security updates for Chrome OS aren’t handiest painless, they play a key function in making Chrome what many recollect the maximum secure operating device in the customer marketplace. Here’s why Chrome OS is so cozy.


One manner to growth a working system’s efficiency is to let procedures strolling at the system proportion resources. You shouldn’t create a separate useful resource pool for every procedure if you create a not unusual pool that every process can percentage. The hassle with this technique is that malicious code that gets into the useful resource pool can unfold for the duration of the device. The solution is sandboxing.


Sandboxing locks a technique into a remoted environment that doesn’t proportion sources with something else. If the malicious code gets into a tight sandbox, it can’t get out. Most importantly, it is able to’t get out and embed itself inside the running gadget wherein it could create critical troubles.

Chrome OS sandboxes with a vengeance. Every program and every app runs in its personal sandbox. Every tab and every website within the Chrome browser is sandboxed. If you visit an internet site that downloads malware into your system, it stays in the sandbox. Close the tab and poof! It’s gone.

Verified boot

Suppose something escapes the sandbox and infects the operating gadget. What do you do then? Simple, begin up your Chromebook and the problem will probably be solved. Google calls it tested boot.

When Chrome OS boots, each element of the operating gadget is compared to the cutting-edge version demonstrated via Google. If a discrepancy is located, the running machine is quick replaced with a easy and updated version. This happens whenever you begin up a Chromebook.

Verified Boot is fantastic for maintaining safety however it most effective works if the consumer shuts the Chromebook down as opposed to putting it to sleep. If you’re switching to Chrome OS from Windows (or macOS) you could are be becoming into the addiction of letting your pc sleep so that you don’t should wait through the 30 to ninety 2d boot-up manner whilst you come lower back.

Breaking that dependency with a Chromebook is quite painless because Chromebooks are speedy. My Pixelbook with an Intel 7th technology center i5 processor, 8 GB RAM, and 12 GB storage takes about 8 seconds to reach at the password display screen and among three and 4 seconds to reach complete readiness after the password is entered.

Automatic updates

Add automated updating to the combination and you can see why Chrome OS is so at ease. During the boot series Chrome OS tests to see if a new update is available. If one is, it installs it without interrupting the user. It’s seamless, painless and green.

Aggressive sandboxing enables keep malicious code from infecting a Chromebook. If malware manages to get away the sandbox and infect the operating device, it’s located and removed the next time the device is powered up. Any protection updates launched because the closing time the Chromebook turned into turned on are robotically implemented. All of this takes vicinity within the historical past without inconveniencing the person. All you have to do is locate your Chromebook, flip it off whilst you’re completed and turn it again on.


Chrome OS is more relaxed than different famous running systems however no operating machine is one hundred% comfortable. What occurs if Chrome’s protection intensive fails and a Chromebook is compromised? You powerwash it.

Powerwash is what Google calls a manufacturing unit reset. It completely wipes a Chromebook’s difficult drive and installs an easy copy of the current version of Chrome OS.

If you’ve ever had to reinstall Windows, you’re in all likelihood thinking powerwashing a Chromebook appears like a nightmare. In truth, like nearly the whole lot else approximately Chrome OS, it’s easy. After you reinstall Windows you need to manually reinstall most of the packages you had been the use of on your Windows gadget. If you’ve finished that when you probably don’t want to do it again. You mustn’t reinstall any programs or apps after a powerwash. If you’ve saved personal files at the Chromebook’s hard drive, you have to lower back them up before you powerwash after which reload them. If you keep your non-public files in the cloud, you don’t even need to do that.

You do not need to reinstall applications and apps due to the fact Google does it for you. The person symptoms right into a Chromebook with their Google account. If syncing is grew to become on—which it needs to be to take maximum gain of the Chrome OS safety features—all of the applications and apps on the Chromebook are usually synced to Google’s servers. When the consumer signs and symptoms into Chrome OS on their fresh power washed Chromebook, Google replaces all the programs and apps just as they have been before. You need to wait at the same time as your packages and apps load however that’s all you need to do. Power the Chromebook up, log in, and in a brief time, your device is simply the way you left it minus the troubles that brought about the powerwash in the first location. Note that if you turn to a new Chromebook, this equal system duplicates the manner your machine changed into set up on the vintage Chromebook. All you need to do is log in.

Security and simplicity of use had been built into Chrome OS from the floor up and it suggests. If you’re thinking about escaping the steady danger that a Windows 10 update will bork your laptop, supply some concept to a Chromebook. You’ll now not simplest reduce or take away your replace issues, you’ll have the most relaxed computing platform inside the purchaser space and all you have to do to maintain it up to date and comfy is flip it on and rancid.

Ashley Stephens

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